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Who We Are

Teak Land - A family legacy

More than 60 years of trust and tradition.
Beside the 4th longest river in Kerala. 

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Our story begins from the year 1960.


Renowned Marakkar Timbers was founded by Late Karattiyattil Mohamed Sahib at historic Chandakkadav, the wooden hub flourished on the banks of River Chaliyar.


The legacy was continued by his sons Mr. Karattiyattil Beeran  Sahib and brothers as Shasha Timbers.


Teak Land was envisioned by the Founder Karattiyattil Mohamed Sahib’s great grandson Mr. Rahman Cholayil in the year 2015 to cater the greater needs of quality Teak wood in the emerging residential and commercial markets.

Our Mission


We believe in the power of innovation to deliver value for our customers.


We aim to be transparent about what we do and why it is important.


We believe that everyone should have access to the same quality products at affordable prices

Core Values

Teak Land was founded with a vision to offer high-quality teak wood affordable to the public by processing teak wood through up-cycling and establishing a factory outlet model.

The Possibilities Are Endless

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